In #GenMillenn 003, I speak with Ruben Cerdat, an employee at Kinda Kinks, to explore the vintage clothing scene in Madrid.

Since living in León, I’ve visited Madrid three times now, and I keep coming back to Kinda Kinks, a vintage shop on Calle Velarde.

Kinda Kinks has the sickest selection of Adidas, Kappa, Champion, and so much more. Basically everything your closet (and mine) needs.

And trust me, I know a thing or two about the vintage clothing game.

I got really into vintage Harley Davidson tees last spring after seeing some bloggers looking super badass in them. I literally thought, “holy shit, they look so fucking cool.” One of my best friends, Sophia, has always been really good at thrifting and she was like, “wanna rework and sell clothes?” My response was “hell yeah,” because why not? And that’s how our vintage clothing brand, Booty Call Blues, was born. Well, actually, it was a lot more than that. But for the sake of this post, the condensed version is fine.

Calle Velarde is in the Malasaña district; my favorite part of the city. Sidebar — PLEASE go to Toy Panda and order the Tigre Bao. You won’t regret it. Anyway, Calle Velarde is (and I never thought that I could think this) almost overly saturated with vintage shops. I’m not complaining, but the competition has gotta be wild.

This past weekend I went into Kinda Kinks, scored some gear, and had a conversation with Ruben Cerdat, one of the employees at the shop.

Ruben’s been goin’ hard full time at Kinda Kinks for two years. He describes Kinda Kinks as having a youthful “UK spirit.” He also explained to me that the vintage scene hasn’t always been prominent in Madrid, but is now “a [hot] topic,” and something that tons of people are into. I mean, how could you not be into a perfectly distressed pair of 501's?

He works 40 hours a week at the shop, in addition to being the graphic designer for his husband’s eclectic clothing line, Kalafaker. Ruben’s always had an interest in fashion, but before working in the industry, was an art curator. He’s a man of many trades and has always worked in the creative space.

I’ve been curious as to what young, creative types are like here in Spain. And as it turns out, they're not much different than back home.

Madrid, Seattle, wherever — we’re all hustling and grinding to pursue our passions and make that $young moolah$, too.






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