In #GenMillenn 005 I speak with Alex Stevens - owner of Sole to Sole Barcelona.

Sole to Sole is an independent, classic sneaker supplier with the aim to source deadstock and iconic footwear.

I came across Sole to Sole at the El Flea market in Barcelona.

Since starting the company last July, Alex has been selling at El Flea, where he has built up a returning customer base.

Alex had a simple set up - a table draped in a cloth with his logo on it, and the products just on top. The collection consisted mostly of Adidas and Reebok; two brands that are currently redefining streetwear in 2017.

Alex explained that Barca's style as a whole is a "sort of understated, unfussy skate style." He went on to say that the 90s has a large influence on Barcelona's street style today. 

"THE 90s LOOK IS HERE FOR SURE. Reebok Classic, Adidas Gazelle, Nautica, Hilfiger - all big icons of that period. that's great for me as I know exactly what sneakers to be on the hunt for."


Alexs' best sellers right now are the Adidas Gazelle, "I cannot hold of them quick enough!" And I totally understand why. The Gazelle's are the perfect summer time (and year round, really) sneaker.

"My best customers are, and I'm discovering this more and more, are girls, say from 15 or 16 to early 30's, they know exactly what they want and usually buy on the spot so I try source as many pairs that match their tastes." 

He also added, "I'm fortunate to be able to see different trends moving, and styles coming in and out just by having a walk around the city for an hour."

Alexs' personal favorites are Adidas, too. His pick are the ZX8000.

"the zx8000. It's a beauty and was completely ground breaking at the time in terms of innovation, technology and style - Adidas got it spot on."

Before landing on sneakers, and "selling lifestyle accessories and feeding Hypebeast's Cult of Greed," as he put it, he'd harbored hopes of working in music. He explained, "I never really pushed it, I wouldn't have known where to start without any real experience, resources or contacts." 

Alex spent the majority of his life in the UK until he made the bold move to come to Barcelona.

Although he also had "several 'good' jobs" throughout his 20s and 30s, he expressed that, "if I didn't do something drastically different with my life I would live to regret in the years to come." This realization, and the "lack of achievement in my day job," inspired and allowed Alex to create Sole to Sole. 



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